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As a business systems analyst, I am dedicated to bridging the gap between business needs and technological solutions. With a strong foundation in computer science and ongoing studies for a master's in the field, I specialize in understanding and optimizing business processes. Proficient in data analysis, programming languages, and database management, my focus is on implementing efficient and effective systems that enhance overall business functionality. My expertise extends to areas such as knowledge-based AI, data and visual analytics, and large-scale data analysis, positioning me to contribute valuable insights to software engineering projects. Passionate about continuous learning, I actively engage in networking and seek opportunities to apply my skills in real-world scenarios.

As a business systems analyst intern with the marketing team at Avantier Inc., an international optics manufacturing company, I play a pivotal role in driving data-driven web development and optimizing marketing strategies. My responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks, including marketing funnel optimization, data analytics, business system automation, and efficient marketing project management. Leveraging my proficiency in Python, data analysis, and web technologies, I contribute to the development of data-driven web solutions, ensuring alignment with marketing objectives. Engaged in refining marketing strategies, I actively seek opportunities for process automation, enhancing the overall efficiency of business systems. My role is dynamic and multifaceted, providing valuable exposure to various aspects of software engineering and business analytics within an international corporate setting.

 Business Systems Analytics
 Data Analytics
 IT Development


html, css, javascript, markdown, python, java, mysql, aws, docker, tableau


about me

I am a Master's candidate in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology, with a passion for data science and software development. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Analytics and Information Technology from Rutgers University, where I graduated with honors and multiple certifications in JavaScript, Python, and Java.

I have over three years of experience as a content contributor at Medium, where I regularly produced and contributed articles on popular publications such as Towards Data Science and Better Programming, related to technology, data analysis, data science, and finance. I have also founded and led FirstFruits Analytics LLC, a data visualization and marketing analytics company that served large content marketers and increased their productivity and conversion rates by 15% and 25%, respectively.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and producing music, working out, playing sports, and loving the Lord Jesus with many fellow believers. I am seeking entry-level opportunities in software engineering, where I can leverage my skills and knowledge to create innovative and impactful solutions for people and businesses. I am eager to learn from and collaborate with other professionals, and to contribute to the growth and success of the organization.

Feel free to explore this portfolio site, where you can witness the diverse range of projects I've had the privilege to work on, and feel free to contact me through social media or through email at jere.tiger.xu@gmail.com


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I enjoy listening to, playing, learning, and writing music. Check out my Soundcloud profile!

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